Your Personal USA Shopper

Welcome to Ditto’s World LLC.

Ditto’s World LLC.
Is a Richmond Virginia Based Business, its’ owner Dorothy,

She is an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a Certified Real Estate Professional Stager.
Her drive for Business did not start now, she never gets tired trying to discover who she wanted to become.
” Remember that striving to be your best and get ahead in life is a great quality.” I love Luxury, Clean and Organized lifestyle. I believe that the quality of one’s life should always reflect on who they are, where they go and what they do.
Today, Ditto’s World LLC is a Registered Brand in the US and still growing.
We aim at helping you shop from any store of your choice, offer a unique touch of quality service that will take away the stress of finding who to send. We can assure you that, all you need do is to relax on your couch, have your phone battery charged while we take you behind the scenes where you will be seeing tons of quality products from any Luxury Designer Brand of your choice.
Shop like you are in the US.

1. Personalized Shopping:

either you are looking for what to wear to that special Event or just looking at updating your wardrobe; we are most excited to work with you, your style and your budget. We have a minimum of $300 with at least 70% paid upfront and charges varies. We equally have the option of a onetime pickup at the store which is sometimes comes at a fix rate.

2. Family Shopping

We understand that life can get very busy for you that finding the time to stop and take care of the family needs can be very challenging. That is why we help to take the stress off you. Other mums who used our service(s) during the going back to school period, gave us their specification, goal and budget and we ran with it and deliver beyond their expectation. (View clips of what other Family bought during the going back to school sales).

Shopping at Wholesale as a Business Owner:

Are you starting a retail business for the first time, looking for where to shop at wholesale and meeting with other vendors to give your bargain power, don’t worry, Ditto’s World LLCs got your back.
We are licensed to shop from over 100 distributors outlet at Wholesale.
We understand what it means to incomputerate the cost of buying to maximize profit.
Are you having a hard time deciding what to buy to sell or where to find certain products? No matter the decision, you might want to try contact us and shop from the 100 distributors, places where other top designers store shop from.
We charge on commission and collect a onetime Federal/State TAX.


Book our consultation a one hour and 30mins forum, where we can discuss in details all your outfit ideas and inspiration, find advice on seasonal trends, closet staples, athleisure, and everything in-between. So, whether you are looking at revamping your style, or just looking at shopping for the year, you have come to the right place. We work with you, your style and budget to give you value for your money. This and many more resources to help you defined your style.
Go now and click the button to contact us.