Your Personal USA Shopper

Personalized Shopping

I can handle certain projects, running with the Project from scratch to finish

Personalized Shopping

I am an expert in sourcing the best items at the most reasonable prices. Are you an existing or potential client of mine, trying to want to buy to resell and don’t know where to begin, are your budget tight and gives you great concerns; I take the fear and worry off your soldier as I am the ONLY Personal Shopper you will find online that will confide with you the Permit to buy at wholesale prices. Therefore, I save you tons of money. While you shop where most of the bigger boutiques shop from.


Some of the many reason my clients always come back to me:

  • I help them save cost.
  • I take them where the real deal is.
  • My service is very cordial and transparent.
    Satisfaction is my watch word.
  • I render suggestion and recommendation as their eyes here during our personalized service.
  • I share with client some of the wardrobe essentials while shopping
  • Free wardrobe checklist at the end of your shopping.
I charge consultation Fees: $50 comes with vendors list to choose from.
50% Initial deposit is required, and the total balance paid before it is shipped.
Commission is %25 of the total purchase.
NB: All shopping category is excluding of shipping cost.
The clients takes care of the shipping cost which is mostly gotten after weighing the goods.


I can suggest a logical plan of how best to organize the space.

Systematically returning the are to functional space.

And teaching you how to stay Organized.

You can also get my ebooks.

  1. How To Declutter Your Wardrobe ($25).
  2. How to Organize your Small Pantry. ($15)